Veloputztag 2012

Für den 9. Mai organisierte der Elternrat einen Veloputztag für die Schüler und Schülerinnen vom Büeli. Eine Mutter beschreibt den Nachmittag:

For the school year 2012 the Parent Association or Elternrat of Buelwiesen Secondary School planned several supporting or fun events. The motto being that a school is more than just pupils and teachers, more than an academical place of learning but a place where one gets taught for life and where parents, the community and the school each plays a vital role.

VELOPUTZTAG 2012 was one of these events. Corine Wehrli from Fateba AG, Turmhaldenstrasse 6, 8400 Winterthur came to assist us.

Although it was pouring on Wednesday morning, the weather cleared up just before the start of the Veloputztag and it remained dry for the entire time, the sun even put its head out. A total of 22 children came to clean and the get the bicycles checked over by the bicycle technician, Mr. Gottfried Graf ( a parent and member of the Elternrat) and Ms. Wehrli, the bicycle mechanic from Fateba. Small repairs were done and Ms. Wehrli also held a workshop on how to repair a flat tyre (for those of us who didn’t know how to do this.)

As always when could count on the support of the teachers at Buelwiesen and bicycle fans like Mr. Manz and Ms. Däppen were cleaning and getting their bikes into shape side by side with their pupils. Mr. Schnewelin took some photos, Ms. Hofer came to chat and Mr. Gugelmann, the janitor and his assistant provided tables, hose pipe and everything else that was needed to make this a successful event.

We had a great time! We hope that this become part of the Bueli tradition and want to say a very big THANK YOU!!!! to all who participated.


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